How To Repot A Snake Plant Pup

How To Repot A Snake Plant Pup. You can get multiple plants depending on how many new plants you choose to propagate. Before we learn how to propagate it, here’s a short history of this pretty ornamental plant.

How To Repot A Snake Plant?
How To Repot A Snake Plant? from

Snake plants are dormant in the winter, which makes this the perfect time to transfer your plant into a bigger pot. Overcrowding isn’t a problem for snake plants, but they will ultimately need to be replanted. Place your little one in new potting soil and give it a bit of.

Give Each One A Small Drink Of Water And Then Do Not Water Your Plants Again Until The Soil Is Thoroughly Dried Out.

Snake plant (most commonly known as sansevieria, but now classified in the genus dracaena) grows outdoors in its native africa and is also a very popular houseplant worldwide. For this method, simply take your plant out of its pot and you’ll simply divide the plant at its roots into any many sections as you want, and then pot them all up separately. After you split the snake plant, you can repot each separate plant into a fresh pot with succulent soil.

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Don’t Push It Down Too Deep.

How do you divide and repot a snake plant? Small leaf cuttings from snake plants are called pups. To take snake plant cuttings, simply use a clean knife and remove few snake plant leaves from the mother plant.

It Hasn’t Done Much At All.

A cry for help… i’ve had this plant for 4 years. Depending on the age of your plant, you may be able to divide it at the same time, thus making a second plant! Refer to the “related snake plant content” at the end of this post for even more details.

So Now We Will Get Down To The Nitty Gritty Of How To Repot Your Snake Plant Or Divide It If You Need To.

After you have done the propagating process above and then you find that there are snake plants new shoots, you have to repot it. Place your little one in new potting soil and give it a bit of. After you get start doing this, you have to take your snake plant to repot.

Before We Learn How To Propagate It, Here’s A Short History Of This Pretty Ornamental Plant.

Fill the potting mix mostly to the top of the pot, leaving ¾ inches of space under the pot’s rim. On the other hand, repotting your snake plant is. I cut this snake plant pup off the mother a few weeks ago and made sure it had its own roots first… will anything come of it?


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