How To Keep Raccoons Away From Cat Food

How To Keep Raccoons Away From Cat Food. To start with, these animals are rabies vectors. The cat may be vaccinated, but you may contact the creature and become infected.

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How to keep raccoons out of cat food. Raccoons are omnivores and that speaks all about their food preferences and this means that they can eat anything that they can find. Need for keeping raccoons away.

Why You Should Keep Raccoons Away From Your Cat’s Food.

If you have excess or unused food, make sure that you store it properly and seal it so that it doesn’t smell. Another thing is, while we all want to be the accommodating animal lover, it is just not a good idea for a vicious animal to mislay their fear. They go in one our neighbors house through her doogy.

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Raccoons Are Omnivores And That Speaks All About Their Food Preferences And This Means That They Can Eat Anything That They Can Find.

We've tried everything to keep them away and nothing works. I succeeded in keep my cat food outside, all night with a cat feeder from If you’re feeding a large group of raccoons, place several different plates of food so they don’t fight each other over dibs.

Your Feeder Should Also Be Enclosed With A Waterproof Roof To Keep The Cats And The Food Dry.

It is a significant problem if you haven’t had your cat vaccinated. To start with, these animals are rabies vectors. Place the food bowl on an elevated place and within an enclosed space.

Away From Urban Areas, The Diet Becomes More Natural.

Food is the most powerful motivator for raccoons to visit your property, or take residence in your house. What is the safest hairball remedy for cats? That being said, eating small amounts of pet food periodically likely doesn’t do any harm to the raccoons.

Only Set Food Out During The Day.

Some convenient steps you can take here are: Feed on an elevated platform. I've been feeding feral cat (a neutered male) regularly for the past month and am looking for some advice on keep raccoons away from his food.


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